The APLiving 'Tell Fat to Eff Off' Plan

The Tell Fat to Eff Off Plan is a detailed 21-day program to rebalance and reboot your body from the inside out. This is not a diet or a fad, this is a way to reset the body so you transition to a lifestyle of healthy living.

  • Improve digestion
  • Boost metabolism
  • Banish bloat + burn off fat stores
  • Help detoxify the body

We recommend you do this a few times a year to get your body back on track.

The Tell Fat to Eff Off plan includes: 

  • Weekly menus, recipes, + grocery lists
  • Daily workouts with workout video tutorials
  • Motivation + accountability

The Tell Fat to Eff Off Plan is a great lead-in to becoming a member of the APLiving Membership Community. Ashley easily transitions people who have done the plan into everyday healthy living by offering a discounted membership to APLiving.Community. 

JUST $29.99