How Relationships Affect Health

A large part of being “well” is based upon your emotional and mental stability. The relationships you have with those in your life is such an important part of this aspect of wellness. When you have someone in your life, they are meant to positively influence you, provide support, unconditional love, endless empathy, they don’t judge, and they want what is best for you. Unfortunately, many people have more toxic relationships that can take an emotional toll on them, so much so that they can be damaging to your health.

It is good to take stock in your relationships from time-to-time in order to analyze if they are mutually beneficial.  Communicating to those you are close to about things they may do that can cast a negative light on your life and trying to correct those issues can shift an ailing friendship to a lifelong, healthy one. However, sitting back and realizing that some people may just be in your life for certain time periods or may not be the best support system for you is a necessary evil.  When it comes to relationships, it should be quality over quantity.

Surprisingly, people do not usually associate their relationships to their health. But, the stress from these dysfunctional friendships can lead to anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive distress, high blood pressure, weight gain, and much more. Don’t let negative relationships cause you daily strife, evaluate those in your life today. Even if you do not have anyone negative to speak of, reflecting upon your friendships can make you appreciate those you do have in your life.

WellnessAshley Pettit