Fitness Move of the Week: Lat Pull Down

Primary Muscles Worked:

Latissimus Dorsi (Lats) and Deltoids (shoulders)

Proper Execution of the Exercise:

Take a seat on the machine’s seat, facing the direction of the machine.  Adjust the thigh pads so that the quads above the knees sit comfortably under the support. This is to prevent your knees rising up as you pull the bar down.

Grasp the cable bar with a wide overhand grip, knuckles up and sit on the seat with thighs under the support. Alternative grips, narrow and underhand, are possible, but use the wide grip when starting out.

A slight stretch upward to grab the bar is not harmful but you don’t want the bar so high that you have to drag it down under pressure so that you can sit down.

FitnessAshley Pettit