Motivation Monday Workout: Ladder Workout

Manmaker Push Ups: with dumbbells in both hands, get into plank position. Row your right arm up, place it back down, row your left arm up, and place it down. Push up, jump your feet in, leaving weights on the ground,stand up and perform a tuck jump. Repeat.

Bad-boy Speed Skaters: get into a runner’s position: knees bent, left leg behind you and in the air, weight on the right foot. Launch yourself as far as you can to the left, landing on your left foot and reaching the right foot behind you and to the side (like a “speed skater, duh!) Holding dumbbells, use your arms, punching the weight in your opposite arm down to the foot that is on the ground. (i.e. when jumping to the right and landing on your right foot, punch your left arm down to the floor.)

Grenade Bomber Push Ups: begin with your hands and feet on the floor and your hips raised, so your body forms an inverted V. Lower your shoulders, then glide your chest forward, bringing it between your hands and up toward the ceiling. Reverse the move, bringing your hips back toward the ceiling.

Big Bang Plank Jacks: perform a plank jack, then pull your knees in, repeat.

Anchored Split Snatch: standing in a neutral position with dumbbells in your hands, bend down without bending your knees, bringing the dumbbells to the ground. Immediately jump back into a split squat bringing the weights overhead. Step back to center and repeat for the other side.

FitnessAshley Pettit