Motivation Monday Workout: Interval Insanity

Medicine Ball Taps: standing in front of a medicine ball, begin to “run in place”alternately tapping your feet on the center of the top of the ball. Meanwhile, hold a medicine ball overhead with straight arms.

Wood Choppers: start with your hands straight above your head and feet together (like you are a tall pole.)  Jump your legs out into a squat, bringing your arms down to graze the floor between your legs.  Return back to your pole position.  Repeat.  Add a medicine ball for more difficulty.

Broad Jump-Push Ups:  in a wide squat, squat down and launch yourself up in the air and as far as you can in front of you, pop down and do a push up, repeat the jump back the other direction and push up again. Repeat.

Plank Jack-Opposite Knee Pull-Ins: get yourself into a plank position on the palms of your hand, straight back, and fingertips underneath the shoulders.  Perform jumping jacks with your legs my scissoring out and back in- limit your hip movement and refrain from piking that butt up in the air! After one “jack,” pull in each knee to the opposite elbow-repeat.

Step Back, Upright Rows-Reverse Flies: holding two dumbbells in your hands in front of your legs, step back with your right leg and raise your elbows upward and out so the dumbbells come up towards your chin, drop them back down and step beck to center.  Repeat stepping back with your left leg. Step back to center and perform 2 reverse flies. Repeat all over again.

Plyometric RDL’s: start by standing in a neutral position, feet hip-distance apart, hands at your sides. Bring your right leg up straight behind you and arms straight out in front of you. Pull your back leg in and through, raising your knee up in front of you and jumping up. Repeat on one side for a minute, then ther other for a minute.

FitnessAshley Pettit