APL Post-Baby Body Workouts: Weeks #1 & 2

After nearly 8 months of being unable to exercise while being pregnant and then with post-baby recovery, I was ELATED when my doctor finally gave me the go-ahead on November 10th! Not one to start slow, but trying to pace myself, I jumped my way back into a routine (literally.) Check out our first 8 days of workouts (sans a restful weekend because I got a bad cold-boo!)

Day #1:

Back to running:)

A simple walk/run on the treadmill…

**2 minute light run**

**3 minute brisk walk**

Day #2:

And it’s HIIT time again!

These intervals below in the morning and a treadmill climb for 60 minutes in the afternoon

 Day #3:

 Morning leg time (4 sets of each exercise below) in the apartment & a walk/run in the afternoon

4 x 15 @ 20LB kettlebell squats

4 x 15 dumbbell right leg lunges

4 x 15 dumbbell left leg lunges

4 x 15 dumbbell wood choppers

4 x 15/side resistance band side leg lifts

4 x 20 @ 20LB kettlebell plies

Day #4:

Did this interval workout below with a 45-minute walk before (because it is SO frigid outside here, I needed to just MOVE outside of my apartment!) and 3 sets of this upper body workout

4 x 15 machine chest presses                                         4 x 15 dumbbell y-raises (mid-back)

  4 x 15 machine lat pull downs                                    4 x 15 dumbbell biceps curls

4 x 15 @ bodyweight bench dips

4 x 15 dumbbell overhead presses

Day #5:

Did these intervals below the following leg workout after!

Day #6:

 NTC Razor Sharp Workout was partnered with their Hollywood Ab Blast on our KIND Snacks mat

Day #7:

Did this treadmill-dumbbell workout + the NTC (Nike Training Club) Cardio Killer (15 minutes under et Focused)

Day #8:

Did this treadmill incline “hike” and Living Room Legs after

Day #9:


*Morning NTC Cardio Burst Workout (15 minutes, under “Get Focused”)

*Light 2-mile jog





*NTC Alpha Abs Workout (15 minutes, under “Get Focused”)

Day #10:


*Treadmill @ 60 minutes


2:2 walk/run intervals

*Full Body Workout- repeat 3-4 times

2 minutes squat-dumbbell jabs

1 minute dumbbell curl-overhead presses

2 minutes dumbbell step back-upright rows

1 minute alternating side lunge-medicine ball twists

2 minutes plie-dumbbell triceps overhead extension

1 minute plank-ups (go from plank on forearms up to plank on hands)

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