For the Love of the Espresso Bean

t’s National Espresso Day, so APL wanted to share a post about the benefits of coffee (obviously, in moderation,) as well as our love for the tasty espresso bean! We recommend reading the Huffington Post: 11 Reasons Why You Should Drink Coffee Every Day for their edification on the benefits of daily coffee.

The caffeine in mg in a shot of espresso is far less than that of brewed coffee. Believe-it-or-not, the darker the roast, the less caffeine. I always express my personal love for coffee by describing it as “true love-”  I drink coffee for the love of the flavor and the enjoyment I get out of sipping it slowly. I prefer it unaltered (I never doctor my coffee with sweeteners, milks, or added flavors) and I do not chug it to get me through a work meeting. This love enables me to enjoy this rich beverage healthfully, instead of relying on it as a caffeine injection or imbibing in those calorie-laden faux coffee drinks for a sugary boost. If you aren’t a fanatic of the bean in all of it’s purity like this crazy lady, then by all means, switch to an energizing morning beverage that won’t break your caloric bank or keep you down in the dumps from over-caffeinating.

Addicted? If you spend a week limiting yourself to 1 cup per day and you find yourself struggling without more, check yourself into a caffeine rehab for a month-how to self-inflict it: cut caffeine out for 2 weeks completely, then have 8 oz. per day every other day for two weeks, and finally, increase it to 12 oz. of unaltered coffee most days of the week.

The lesson: everything in it’s pure, natural state can be healthy in moderation.

NutritionAshley Pettit