Motivation Monday: let’s move!

BOSU Taps: With a BOSU or Medicine Ball in front of you, lightly tap the top/center of it with your toes- alternating legs as fast as you can.

Shuffles-Mt. Climbers: Get into a low squat, arms in front of you and chest up, laterally shuffle to one side for 5, staying low, drop down and do 10 mountain climbers. Stand up and shuffle the opposite direction for 5 and perform 10 more mountain climbers. Repeat.

180-degree Plyo Jumps: Start in a deep squat, weight in your heels, Keeping your chest up, launch yourself up and 180-degrees in the other direction, landing in a deep squat.

Burpees with 3 Push Ups: Start in push up position, jump your feet toward your chest, stand up, jump into the air with arms overhead,then bring hands back to the floor and into push up position, perform 3 push ups and repeat.

Single-Leg Squat Jumps: Start with feet shoulder-width apart, knees slightly bent, bring one foot in the air behind you keeping it bent.  Squat down with the foot on the ground, touching the floor with your hands, launch yourself up into a vertical jump with arms in the air.  Repeat on both sides.

Leap Frog Jumps: Start with feet slightly pigeon-toed and slightly wider than shoulder-widtch apart- squat deep touching your fingers to the floor in between your feet and launch yourself up into a vertical jump raising your arms overhead.  Repeat.

Side Lunges on BOSU: Stand on the left side of the BOSU, with your right foot on the center of the BOSU.  Perform a squat (make sure you give yourself enough room to get into a good, deep squat.) Then, jump up and over to the other side and perform another squat.  Repeat.

High Knees: Run in place, pulling your knees up high towards your chest using your core and arms.  

FitnessAshley Pettit