Snag a Sweet Potato Today

Your diet can benefit in SO many ways from adding in a sweet potato as a healthy starch. A medium sweet potato has roughly 103 calories and the following:

  • Fiber, 12.6% of your daily value @ 3.14 grams. Fiber in your diet helps you maintain and/or lose weight by keeping you fuller longer.  This feeling of fullness helps you eat less throughout the day.
  • Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene), 262.2% of your daily value @ 13107.70 IU.  A powerful antioxidant and immune system booster, it works directly at the cellular level to combat free radicals that damage cells and promote disease.
  • Potassium, 8.7% of your daily value @ 306.05mg. Potassium helps keep the balance of sodium, water and electrolytes in the body, fights against anxiety, stroke, depression and blood pressure, and supports proper muscle contractions.
  • Vitamin C, 28.4% of your daily value @ 17.06mg.  Vitamin C supports your immune system, eye health, and much more.
  • Antioxidants:
    • Chlorogenic Acid- an antioxidant whose most recently studied benefits pertain to their potential role in carbohydrate metabolism. Chlorogenic acid specifically is shown to decrease the uptake of glucose in the body and assist in regulating blood glucose levels.
  • Phytochemicals:
    • Quercitin- a great anti-inflammatory phytochemical that helps protect your body against free radicals.  It also is said to help fight against cancer and allergies.

Here are some tasty APL recipes including they orange veg!


NutritionAshley Pettit