Drink Smarter This Holiday Season

We all know the holiday season increases the amount and certainly the frequency of which we drink alcohol.  It also brings on a lot of the unhealthy themed cocktails like eggnog and sugary cranberry cocktails we could do without! To cut those calories, sugar and fat grams, and feel our best throughout the holiday season, APL has some tips!

Stay hydrated throughout the day before you drink. In fact, drink  half of your body weight in fluid ounces and then 8 oz. after each alcoholic beverage.

Pre-game with some food. Have a little fat before you drink to slow the rate of alcohol absorption.

Forget diet soda as a mixer…according to a 2006 study, people who mix liquor with diet soda absorb the alcohol faster than do those who choose regular soda or juice as a mixer. APL would love to skip the calories and sugar of regular sodas and juices too however, so going with a “splash” of something is always best.

Time your sips. Watch how often you are sipping your normal beverage, or bette yet, try something stronger because it may make you sip slower.

Make it a spritzer! Adding soda water to white wine will more than half your calories and booze intake, plus it’s a light and refreshing drink! APL asks for this holiday-inspired spritzer: a half glass of champagne with plain or lemon perrier on top and a splash of cranberry juice.

Don’t measure yourself against anyone else. Drink at your own pace, but definitely don’t try to hang with the boys or match anyone else. Everyone’s tolerance varies! 

NutritionAshley Pettit