Happy National Pancake Week!


We are celebrating National Pancake Week in full-force over here at APL, mixing up some creative new recipes for you all the time and reminding you of our old tried & true pancake kitchen creations.  Remember our Nearly Flourless Blueberry Pancakes?  Who could forget those little round, tasty things?!?  What about our most recent Wintery creation, the Cranberry Pancake?   I am a fan of the Sweet Potato Pancake with some yummy all-natural applesauce to dip it in, plus we added some powerful protein in there to make you all sorts of lean!  If you want a not-so-traditional kind of pancake, why not go for our Lemon-Poppyseed Pancake for a twist? Try some of our more health-conscious mixes noted here for a healthy, but YUMMY national pancake week:)

Wellness, RecipesAshley Pettit