New APL #motivationmonday Workout

It is a Monday and you all know what that means!  Time for a #motivationmonday interval workout from APL! Check out the workout below and our exercise move descriptions below:

  • Everest Claps: Start in a runner’s lunge (right leg forward bent at 90-degrees, a wide stance with your left leg in back and nearly straight) with your fingertips on either side of your right foot, chest grazing your right thigh. Jump up as high as you can and switch front legs while clapping. Repeat.
  • Push Up Alternating Leg Raises: This is a regular push up, but during each push up you have one leg in the air (switch them as you come up from the push up.)  Repeat alternating legs.
  • Side Lunge, Single-Leg Hops: Perform a side lunge with your right leg (bring it out to your side, bending it in a 90-degree angle and keeping your left leg straight,) then lift up your right leg and bring it back to center, but without putting it down, perform a jump pushing off of your left foot.  Rest your right foot down and repeat on your left side.  Repeat all together, alternating sides.
  • Side Plank Reach Across: Start on the ground, place your right forearm on the ground, arm bent at 90-degrees, elbow under your shoulder, palm open on the floor.  Stack your feet on top of each other, left side of your body up towards the ceiling, then raise your body up and left arm straight in the air.  Balancing on your feet and forearm, bring your left arm down and across your chest, moving your body with it so your chest comes towards the floor.  Then, reverse back by reaching the left arm back up into the air and ending in side plank again.  Repeat per side.
  • Squat Overhead Presses: Holding dumbbells with arms bent so they are up at your shoulders, perform a regular squat and as you are coming up, press the dumbbells overhead.  As you return to perform a squat, bring them back down.  Repeat.
  • Mt. Climbers-Push Up: Perform the designated number of mountain climbers, then staying in a plank position, perform a ush up all the way to the floor and back up.  Repeat.
FitnessAshley Pettit