New APL #tightenuptuesday Workout

Guys, it’s about that time again- time for an ALL NEW APL #tightenuptuesday strength workout.  We decided to make use of one of our favorite pieces of equipment, the BOSU! Let’s get sweaty together in 3-2-1, GO!

  • BOSU Push Ups with Knee Pull Ins: With the blue side down on the ground and hands holding the sides of the BOSU, perform a push up, then bring your right knee into your chest, then your left, repeat. Note: for added difficulty, do not hold the sides; instead place your palms down on the sides of the BOSU instead.
  • Side Squats (over the BOSU): Stand on the left side of the BOSU, with your right foot on the center of the BOSU.  Perform a squat (make sure you give yourself enough room to get into a good, deep squat.) Then, jump up and over to the other side and perform another squat.  Repeat.
  • BOSU Taps: Standing in front of the BOSU, begin to “run in place” alternately tapping your feet on the center spot of the BOSU.
  • Walking Plank (over BOSU): Start with both hands on the center of the BOSU in plank position.  Slowly walk your right hand over to the side of the BOSU, then back to center, then walk your left hand to the side of the BOSU, and repeat.
  • Step-Over BOSU Lunges: Start by standing on top of the BOSU.  With your right foot, step forward and lunge. Step back on top of the BOSU, then step back with your right foot and lungeContinue with your right side for designated number of reps, then repeat on your left.
  • BOSU Burpees: With the BOSU in your hands, jump up raising the BOSU overhead, place it down on the ground in front of you (blue side down) and kick your legs back so you are in plank.  Perform a push up, then bring your feet back in, raise the BOSU overhead and jump.  Repeat.
  • Biceps Curl-Overhead Presses: Standing on top of the BOSU, hold two dumbbells in your hands, curl up to your chest, then press straight overhead.  Slowly bring them back down to your sides. Repeat.
  • Wall Sits (on BOSU): Stand against a wall with the BOSU beneath you, slowly lower down until your legs are at a 90-degree angle and your feet are right under your knees on either side of the center circle on the BOSU.  Press your back into the wall and hold, keeing your weight in your heels.
FitnessAshley Pettit