Week #4 Challenge Winners!

I would like to announce the winners of the APL 6-Week Challenge!  Thanks to the PopChips-sponsored week #4, these lucky (but well-deserved) winners will be receiving a Whole Foods gift card and a special home delivery of yummy, guiltless PopChips!

These two ladies not only crush the social media aspect of the challenge, but have achieved their goals each and every week.  I am so proud and impressed with their enthusiasm, I had to extend the prize to TWO awesome-sauce ladies:  Lilly Fuller & Liz Strik.

  A healthy reminder this Super Bowl Sunday, stay away from the snacking pitfalls:

1. Unconscious eating: portion out your foods rather than mindlessly putting your hand back into the bowl

2. Pick healthier snacks that still taste good like PopChips!  All the fun without the fat, these chips are never fried and never baked, but air-popped without the messy, fatty oil residue.

3. Sip water between drinks.  Alcoholic beverages are rough on your caloric intake and tend to increase your appetite.

4. Get in a pre-game workout a la APL!

Nutrition, WellnessAshley Pettit