Get Sexy This Spring: 6-Week Challenge

Our recent Winter challenge is going SO well.  APL couldn’t be happier with the amazing participants and continued success of everyone involved from week-to-week- we are seeing results!!!

These 6-week challenges are meant to become an APL staple, so we are announcing our next one for Spring now to get you all enrolled.

Get Sexy This Spring (why not get a jump-start on that 6-pack for summer?) starts March 10th.

We will be taking registration for the challenge until Friday, March 7th at 5PM. To register, email:  Why not get free daily workouts, meals, recipes, motivation emails…AND IT’S FREE!

What It Is: 6 weeks of nutrition and fitness galore!

The program includes:

  • Nutrition guidance
  • Workouts
  • Menu Examples
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Contact with the APL Team for Advice
  • Motivational Emails
  • Weekly Giveaways
  • Health & Wellness Consulting to Maintain a Healthy Life
  • And So Much More

What is the “challenge?”  Not only do we want to make getting healthier easier for you by giving you a plan, but we want to keep you accountable by making this a social media check-in challenge! The more we see you do (check in for workouts via Facebook, Instagram healthy APL recipes you’ve cooked, Tweet us your daily goals, etc) the more successful you will be and the closer you will be to winning the final prize as well!  Check-ins count as points and weekly giveaways will be given to the person with the highest points and the ultimate 6-week winner will receive our grand prize, to be announced in January!

We hope you will join us!  Don’t forget to register by March 7th!


The APL Team