It’s a Full Body, Tough Workout Today

  • Dumbbell Burpee-Squat-Punches: holding 2 dumbbells in your hands, bend down, place them on the floor, jump your legs back into plank, pull them back in, jump up, squat, then as you stand up from the squat, bring the dumbbells up to your chest and perform 4 alternating punches.
  • Single Arm Lunge-Curl-Overhead Press: holding a dumbbell in your right hand, lunge forward with your right leg and perform a biceps curl and overhead press, then step back.  Repeat.
  • Step Back Lunge-Upright Row: holding two dumbbells in your hands in front of your legs, step back with your right leg and raise your elbows upward and out so the dumbbells come up towards your chin, drop them back down and step beck to center.  Repeat, alternating sides.
  • Platform Jump-Plank-Dumbbell Rows: Holding dumbbells, jump up onto a plyo platform or weight bench, jump back down, bend down and get into plank, still holding the dumbbells.  Alternating sides, row the dumbbells up so your elbow comes past your back, but your body stays still in plank and hips and square to the ground.  Repeat.
  • Plank-Push Up-Triceps Kickback: holding two dumbbells, get into plank position.  Perform a push up, then bring your right arm up, tucking your elbow into your side, kick your forarm back straight to get in line with your spine, bring it back down.  Repeat for the other side.
FitnessAshley Pettit