Your Weekly Schedule is Up! March 3rd…

I cannot believe it is MARCH!  The countdown until the first day of Spring begins for us NOW!  We are going to have avery exciting month with APL, launching our new site “look,” the new APL Web TV Show: “Live Healthy, With Style™,” running our second ever 6-week challenge starting March 10th (register now by emailing us at,) and some more fun announcements we will release throughout the month.  Our plates are full all because we are working to get things out there to make you all happier & healthier!!! Below is your week of workouts and blog posts to look out for on the site.  Enjoy!


¨    Monday, 3/3 (RECIPE) – Celebrate Mardi Gras with Creole Rice

¨     Monday, 3/3 (RECIPE) – Mix Yourself A Healthier Mardi Gras Hurricane

¨    Monday, 3/3 (NEW WORKOUT) – APL Interval Workout Time!

¨     Tuesday, 3/4 (NEW WORKOUT) – Tighten-Up Tuesday: Leg Day

¨    Wednesday, 3/5 (NUTRITION) – National Nutrition Month Profile: Grains

¨    Thursday, 3/6 (RECIPES/NUTRITION) – National Noodle Month

¨    Friday, 3/7 (FITNESS) – Fitness Fashion: Spring Style Highlights

APL WEEKLY WORKOUTS: all links are live once the blog goes live.  Reminder, all NEW workouts are posted at 8AM (Mon/Tue) and all other workouts are archived and links work anytime.

¨     Motivation Monday: APL Interval Workout Time!

¨     Tighten-Up Tuesday: Pre-Strength Challenge: run a FAST 2 miles, Leg Day

¨     Work-It WednesdayStair Intervals

¨     Throw-Down ThursdayUpper Body & 300-Calorie Run

¨     Fitness FridayRowing Intervals & Full Body Strength