Let’s Get to the Core!

  • Plank Walks: Start in plank position.  Slowly walk your hands over 3 counts to one side, then back to center, then walk to the other side, and repeat.
  • Full Extensions with Medicine Ball: Laying on the ground with legs straight out in front of you and slightly off of the ground, hold the medicine ball above your head.  Tuck your knees in; lift your shoulder blades up off of the ground bringing your head towards the knees, then return to starting position.  Repeat
  • Plank Arm Raises: Pop into a plain ol’ plank position, palms down, back straight.  Alternate raising your arms up in front of you, minimizing your hip or body movement.
  • Plank Ups: Start in a plank position on your forearms- weight over the shoulders and back straight, then push up onto the palms of your hands.  Return back down to your forearms-repeat.
  • T-Taps: Start in a side plank on left side: palm on floor under shoulder, arm straight, hips lifted and legs extended with feet scissored so left foot is in front, right arm raised over head. Extend left leg in front of you, reaching right hand toward foot. Return to start.  Repeat on both sides.
  • Scissor Kicks: Laying on the ground, hands palms down at your side, raise legs as up above hip height and scissor legs out and back in crossing over each other- right over left, then left over right.  Repeat.
FitnessAshley Pettit