Tighten Up Tuesday- Leg Day!

  • Backward Lunge-Side Lunge Sequence: perform a backward lunge with your right leg, then without putting the leg down, bring it back to center and out to the side into a side lunge.  Repeat on both sides.
  •  Squat-Alternating Forward Lunges: perform a regular squat with legs hip-distance apart; then perform a right and left leg forward lunge.  Repeat the sequence.
  • High Step Ups: step up onto a bench with your right foot, bringing your left knee up and into the air without touching the foot on the bench.  Step back down and perform on the other side, stepping up with your left foot.  Repeat, alternating legs.
  • Quick Tap Downs: stand on top of a weight bench, clasp your hands together or hold dumbbells at either side of you for a more difficult round, bend down and tap your right foot to the floor, then stand up all the way straight without putting that foot back on the bench.  Repeat tapping on one leg, then on the other.
  • Sumo Squat-Calf Raises: perform a wide squat with feet 3-4 feet apart and feet straight forward, then when you raise up out of the squat, don’t stop until you come up on your tippy toes for a calf raise.   Repeat.
  • Leg Raise-Hip Raise: laying on the ground, legs bent and heels on the floor, arms at your side.  Straighten out your right leg and then raise it straight up in the air.  Bridge your body up (butt in the air,) and perform 3 hip raises (bring your toe to the ceiling without lowering your body, driving your opposite heel into the ground.) Repeat for time or reps; then perform on the other side.
FitnessAshley Pettit