It’s National UV Awareness Month

There is ONE main reason to avoid the dangers of UV rays, aside from the vanity issues like sun-spots, skin damage, wrinkles, blotchiness, or scars from mole removal. No one wants skin cancer. Don’t forget, sunscreen is for everyday, not just when you are in your newest bikini laying out. It can get through your clothing and burn your scalp if you don’t spray your head or wear a hat…the sun is NO JOKE, especially as the ozone layer continues to deplete.


I don’t just go by the rule, cover what’s showing…I ensure that my daily moisturizer has a seasonally appropriate SPF in it and then I always cover my face with a higher SPF.  During the winter, I wear 15 SPF on the body and 20 SPF on the face.  In the sunny months, where I know I am walking outside more and have more skin revealed to the sun, I wear 30 SPF at minimum on the body and 40 (+) SPF on the face.


We absorb 60% of what we put on our body and sunscreen is something I do NOT want sinking in there. Sunscreens have dangerous chemicals in them like Oxybenzone, which is known to act like estrogen in the body, alters sperm production, and can cause endometriosis in women. Speaking of reproductive issues, 4-MBC is also found in many sunscreens and studies have shown that is stimulates estrogen-dependent tumor cells, has caused behavioral changes in animals, and is associated with reproductive disorders. YUCK! There are two more chemicals associated with sunscreen, 3-BC and Oxtinoxate, both of which affect the reproductive system in animals and more. This is in addition to other chemicals APL doesn’t love, so let’s skip this crap and go for the organic, chemical-free kind!

APL’s faves include:

  • Lavanila
  • Lavera
  • The Honest Company
  • Kiss My Face
  • TrueNatural
  • Jason Natural Cosmetics
  • John Master’s Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen

What to wear when IN THE SUN

Water can take off your sunscreen. Sweating and swimming are two main reasons you may burn even though you applied sunscreen. Some tips for avoiding the burn: keep applying throughout the day if you are sweating, purchase a waterproof version, completely dry off after being in the water and reapply. I wear a waterproof 50 SPF on the body in the hotter, more intense months when I am outdoors more and an 85 SPF on my face. The main trick is getting your scalp with a mineral-based powder sunscreen so you do not burn. Cosmo recently reviewed this mineral sunscreen that is so easy to apply because it comes with a brush to get it in on your scalp without making hair greasy.

Some APL Notes:

  • Don’t miss the hidden spots…eyelids, lips, ears, tops of feet and toes…they are sensitive and thin-skin areas, so even more susceptible to burns.
  • Go to the dermatologist every single year for your body check-ups.  But, to help the cause, KNOW YOUR MARKS. Like a leopard, we all have our “spots,” but the sun can change them, add to them, and intensify them.  You need to monitor them the best you can, looking at size, color, and location.