Fox News Segment 5/15: APL Unveils Crazy Things Found in Our Foods!

Ever wonder what is lurking in your food? APL has always taken an interest in commercial food production standards and lately the media has put brands on blast for their additives. Although the government has declared them as GRAS; generally recognized as safe, APL poses the question: “safe, yes, but who in the WORLD wants to ingest these things?” Check out the video from the Fox News segment and then read below for our more detailed solutions to avoid these unnecessary additives!

Here is APL’s top 5 cringe-worthy food additives: 

  • Human Hair: human hair is one of the most common sources of L-Cysteine; an amino acid used in dough. Think: baked goods like bread, cookies, muffins, and more! Nowadays, it is actually common to also have duck feathers make up the amino acid…which one is more gross? Solution: buy brands like Cybele’s cookies that have been recognized as clean, honest, and trustworthy. I particularly love Cybele’s because they are allergen-friendly (free of the 8 top most common allergens: dairy, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish, & fish,) but also, received both the Prevention Magazine award for “Best Packaged Foods” in their Eat Clean campaign as well as Good Housekeeping’s “Tried, Tested, Trusted” badge. What fantastic support for an honest and TASTY brand!
  • Beetles & Beetle Excrement: is called carminic acid, a commonly used red food coloring that comes from the dried, crushed bodies of female insects-nasty. Did you know that beetles are also used to coat things like candy, vitamins, tablets, capsules, chocolate, and waxed fruit? The Lac beetle’s resin (think “shellac,”) excretions are used to make things shiny or coated. Solution: I stick with trusted supplements like #1 pharmacist-recommended, Nature Made Letter Vitamins and Fish Oil. No icky coatings, just high-quality supplements that go through rigorous quality testing, ingredient sourcing, third-party verification, and scientific studies.
  • Meat Paste “Goop:” a hot topic as of late, this “pink slime” is bones, meat, & edible tissue forced through a sieve and made into a paste-like substance. It commonly turns into: processed meat products; think hot dogs, salami, bologna, & burgers…My pregnancy has brought on an unusual desire for hot dogs, but I don’t want this “meat” in my belly! Solution: organic, all-natural meats like Applegate Farms; which uses just straight-forward, whole meat, herbs & spices, water, & salt.
  • Silly Putty “Plastic:” actually dimethylpolysiloxane, a form of silicone, is in many fast food French fries because it keeps fryer oil from foaming.  Does that really matter? I did not know fry oil foaming was a bad things, but APL chooses to stick with homemade or organic fry options. Solution: healthy AND chemical-free fries from Alexia. Feeling the need to bake? Bake your own potato or sweet potato fries too!
  • BVO: short for brominated vegetable oil, helps emulsify citrus-flavored drinks like sodas and sports drinks, came about in 1958. The FDA pulled pulled it in 1970, but it can now be used in limited quantities (15 ppm,) but reports have surfaced of over-consumption health issues like: memory loss, tremors, fatigue, loss of muscle coordination, headaches and more…major companies have vowed to take it out of their drinks…Let’s hope this is true. Solution: stick to sports or energy drinks that are organic so they do not have such chemicals. APL loves protein2o (protein-infused water) or raw coconut water.