WGN News: APL Makes Over Erin McElroy’s Pantry!

APL was lucky enough to be invited out the the burbs to the amazing WGN reporter Erin McElroy’s house to do one of our renowned kitchen cupboard clean-outs. We investigated the good, the bad, and the ugly in her home and then replenished her pantry with our healthy go-to choices. Here is the link so you can check out Erin’s amazing segment! http://video.wgntv.com/Nutritionist-raids-anchors-fridge-for-junk-food-intervention-26196516?playlistId=12183#.U4jJn17U0pE

It is essential that with these services, you cater to the client. With Erin being a busy working mom of two, it is essential that you take into account her budget, time commitment to shopping, and the likes and dislikes of the entire family. Noting that no kitchen can be without it’s treats.

What we found:  with commercial canned tuna, some enriched grains, candy (some half eaten-kids?!? Haha,) high sugar juices, processed granolas/bars, quick foods,  some pretty old Easter eggs and macaroni and cheese…we definitely found some things I tossed straight into the trash! This was by all means, not nearly as bad as some of the kitchens I have been in, but it could use some sprucing up!

What we brought: My main goal is to show people healthier options without sacrificing taste. This was done by bringing in brands I trust that the kids and parents alike will love!

First up was a summer favorite thanks to Applegate hot dogs.  They make natural and organic meat products and I love their hot dogs because they come in chicken, turkey, and beef. Known as the cleaner wiener, they are literally just meat, water, salt, & spices without artificial ingredients or preservatives, and definitely no antibiotics, they are fantastic for grilling out. Since we ate over 17.5 million hot dogs in Chicago in 2013-let’s make the healthier choice for our families and go with Applegate.

With kids in the house, you may have a battle on your hands to get them to have fresh produce. I work with Welch’s and am obsessed with their new Farmer’s Pick line of juices. They deliver fresh-picked fruit taste in three great flavors: Concord grape, Blackberry, Mango. It is made from 100 percent juices that have no preservatives, and no artificial flavors, synthetic colors or ingredients. What more could you ask for? Oh right, an 8 oz. glass has two servings of healthy fruit in it for your kids!

Granola is a good go-to for parents and kids alike at breakfast and snack time. I packed in some KINDSnacks 100 percent whole grain healthy clusters because one serving is equal to one serving of your daily need for whole grains. Not to mention, the convenient and tasty healthy grain bars as well. Milk does a body good, so we hear. But some milk trends as of late are loaded with sugar.

My go-to is unflavored Living Harvest Tempt hemp milk -containing no added sugar, no known allergens, but loaded with essential fatty acids, 10 essential amino acids, magnesium, iron, potassium, fiber and phytonutrients, and natural antioxidants like vitamin E, it is a champion for non-dairy milk options!

The rest was a plethora of organic produce and products from my favorite local grocery store, Plum Market. With organic greens, antioxidant-rich fruits, healthy fats like olives and avocados, lemons for your a.m. hot water cleansing drink, Wild Planet canned seafood products, organic hummus and pico de gallo for some added flavor, fresh cage-free eggs, cabinet essentials like Rooibos tea, organic mustards and oils, Bragg’s amines for a soy sauce replacement, chia and flaxseeds, brown rice cakes, healthy seaweed snacks, and more…your kitchen will be healthfully stocked at all times. You can keep the flavor and tastiness, but ensure you are getting enough nutrition to live a healthy life by changing some of the staples you keep at home. For more info or to book a Kitchen Cupboard Clean-Up with APL, email us!

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