Time to Sweat with Cardio Intervals

  • Backward Lunge-Knee Lifts: perform a backward lunge with your right leg, then without putting the leg down, bring it back to center and the knee straight into the air.  Then go back down to repeat.
  • Side-to-Side Frogger Taps: Get into a plank position, bring your right leg out, reach, and tap your foot on the side of your right hand, then bring it back to plank position. Repeat alternating sides.
  • Mountain Climber-Push Ups: Perform the designated number of mountain climbers, then staying in a plank position, perform a push up all the way to the floor and back up.  Repeat.
  • Everest Claps: Start in a runner’s lunge (right leg forward bent at 90-degrees, a wide stance with your left leg in back and nearly straight) with your fingertips on either side of your right foot, chest grazing your right thigh. Jump up as high as you can and switch front legs while clapping. Repeat.