Motivation Monday Interval Workout

  • Bench Jumps: Stand in front of a weight bench, with two feet, jump up on top of it and then back down.  Repeat.
  • Planks: perform a regular plank with your hands on a medicine ball. Keep the back straight and butt down!
  • Burpees: Bring your arms down to the floor and jump your legs back into a plank position. Bring your feet in between your hands, then push up off of the ground and jump up in the air.  Repeat.
  • Mountain Climbers: Get into plank position on the floor, palms down. Alternating legs, pull your knees towards your chest as quickly as possible.
  • Planks-Ups: Start in a plank position on your forearms- weight over the shoulders and back straight, then push up onto the palms of your hands.  Return back down to your forearms-repeat.
  • Speed Skaters: Get into a runner’s position: knees bent, left leg behind you and in the air, weight on the right foot. Launch yourself as far as you can to the left, landing on your left foot and reaching the right foot behind you and to the side (like a “speed skater, duh!)
  • Bench Jump Overs: Place your hands on either side of a weight bench, feet together on the left side.  Look down between your hands, then jump your feet (keeping them plastered together) over to the opposite side.  Repeat.
  • Push Ups: perform a regular push up, bringing your nose as close to the ground as possible.
  • High Knees: run in place, bringing those knees up to your chest as high as possible.

Enjoy your Sweat Session!


FitnessAshley Pettit