Motivation Monday Cardio Intervals

  • Quick Feet Drops: Keeping your center of gravity low, run in place with very quick feet (use your arms to move faster,) and every 15 seconds, drop your body down onto a mat all the way, then quickly push yourself back up and resume the quick feet.
  • Forward Backward Squat Jumps: Perform a squat, reaching back as deep as you can, launch yourself forward landing in a squat.  Repeat, jumping backwards.
  • Wood Choppers: Start with your hands straight above your head and feet together (like you are a tall pole.)  Jump your legs out into a squat, bringing your arms down to graze the floor between your legs.  Return back to your pole position.  Repeat.  Add a medicine ball for more difficulty.
  • Tuck Jumps: This is like a regular ol’ squat jump, but more intense! When you squat down, reach super low, then use your arms to get yourself as high in the air as you can, pulling your knees ALL THE WAY up to your chest.  Repeat.

Keep up the hard work throughout the workout! CHALLENGE: count the number of reps you complete of each exercise within the 60 seconds and try to beat it the next round!

FitnessAshley Pettit