Motivation Monday Workout: Plyo-Rific!

Jumping Jack-Toe Touches: Start standing with your feet together, arms at your side.  Jump out wide with your feet, raise your arms up and overhead, then jump your feet back together and reach for your toes.  Repeat.

Froggers: Starting in a push up position, jump both feet up to either sides of your hands- keeping your chest up and butt down- jump back to starting position.

Plank Jacks: Get yourself into a plank position on the palms of your hand, straight back, and fingertips underneath the shoulders.  Perform jumping jacks with your legs my scissoring out and back in- limit your hip movement and refrain from piking that butt up in the air!

Mountain Climbers: Start in a push up position, weight over your shoulders and back straight- alternate jumping one foot in between your hands, keeping your knee between your arms.

FitnessAshley Pettit