All New “Tighten Up” APL Lower Body Workout

Lunges off of a Bench: place your back foot on a weight bench, laces down, and bring your right leg forward so you can lunge without your knee coming past your foot. Lunge 15 times, then switch legs and repeat.

3-Way Squats with Dumbbells: With dumbbells at your side, feet hip-distance apart, perform 5 squats, then 5 squat pulses (get down low into the squat and pulse,) then 5 squat jumps. Repeat.

Forward-Backward Lunges with Dumbbells: Start with your right leg, step forward into a lunge and then lift your leg up and without touching it down, step into a backward lunge. Repeat for 15 times per leg.

Wood Choppers: Start with your hands straight above your head and feet together (like you are a tall pole.)  Jump your legs out into a squat, bringing your arms down to graze the floor between your legs.  Return back to your pole position.  Repeat.  Add a medicine ball for more difficulty.

Side Leg Raises: Lay on your left side on a mat with your legs and spine straight, resting on your left elbow. Bring your right leg up into the air and back down, but don’t touch your bottom leg, repeat. Repeat on the other side. For added difficulty, place a circular resistance band around your ankles and/or get into a side plank while lifting!

FitnessAshley Pettit