APL BBB Workout Schedule Week #3

This week’s core routine!

rockin’ abs core routine:

time for the third round of hard to the core abs from APL!

apl hard to the core- ab routine #3

the three core moves in the video-

  • 15-20 toe taps in side plank
  • 20, 90-degree crunches
  • 20 frogs

MONDAY: #motivationmonday 

APL BBB brand new interval workout: 

split squat jumps: start in a deep lunge position-both knees bent at 90-degree angle- jump up into the air, switching feet and returning into a lunge.

upper body workout:

  • push up holds: perform a normal push up and hold 3 seconds at the top. Repeat
  • split lunge- row & press: bring your right leg forward and slightly bend your front knee, rest your right arm on your thigh. Holding a dumbbell in your left hand, chest squared towards your front leg, row it up bringing your elbow past your back. Bring it back down, stand up and rotate your whole body to the right and raise the dumbbell overhead. Repeat on one side for # of reps, then the other.
  • crab walk: start on the floor on your hands and feet-fingers facing towards your ankles and stomach to the ceiling.  Keeping your gluts squeezed-walk backwards with your hands and feet like a crab!
  • 3-way biceps curls: start in a plank position on your forearms- weight over the shoulders and back straight, then push up onto the palms of your hands.  Return back down to your forearms-repeat.
  • sit ups with 4 dumbbell overhead presses at the top: holding 2 dumbbells, get into a sit-up position with your back on the floor. Holding the dumbbells at your shoulders (arms bent) sit up and raise the dumbbells overhead, then alternating arms, punch them up 4 times. Bring them back down to your shoulders and slowly lower yourself back down to the ground. repeat.

TUESDAY: #tightenuptuesday

longer cardio workout:

APL 60 minute stair workout

Climb your little hearts out!

  • 10 minutes at Level 5
  • 10 minutes at Level 6
  • 10 minutes at Level 7
  • 10 minutes at Level 7
  • 10 minutes at Level 6
  • 10 minutes at Level 5

WEDNESDAY: #workitwednesday

we are challenging you to some jump rope intervals!

Perform 4-5 rounds of the following:

  • 1 minute regular speed jump rope
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 1 minute of jump rope at a faster pace
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 2 minutes of regular speed
  • 30 seconds rest
  • 2 minutes at a faster pace
  • 30 seconds rest

lower body workout: 

  • walking lunges: perform alternating forward lunges, walking forward, keeping legs at a 90-degree angle and knees over ankles.
  • side step ups: stand beside a plyo box.  Step your right leg up onto the box and bring your left leg to meet it. Step down with your right leg on the other side of the box and repeat stepping back over with your left foot.  Once you get good at this, pick up the pace and make it a dance!
  • curtsey lunge-deadlift: start by standing with feet hip-distance apart, step back into a lunge as if performing a curtsey (foot behind you and out behind your other leg,) then step back to center.  Perform a straight leg deadlift by bending down towards your toes. Repeat alternating sides.
  • deep sumo squats: holding a medicine ball, squat low and touch the ball to the ground, then bring it to your chest and stand up.
  • side squat shuffles: get into a low squat, feet hip-distance apart, step out the the side with your right foot and then with your left, keep stepping while staying in the squat.  Repeat going the other direction.

THURSDAY: #throwdownthursday 

longer cardio workout: 

APL 60-minute Steady Run

  • Run 5 minutes at a moderate pace
  • *5/10 difficulty level
  • Run 5 minutes at a faster pace
  • *7/10 difficulty, but not an all-out sprint

Repeat 6 times

FRIDAY: #fitnessfriday 

interval time!


  • 100 meter warm up Intervals:
  • 250 meters at a tough pace
  • 50 meters at a recovery pace

Repeat intervals 8 times

full body workout:

  • high step ups-overhead presses: standing in front of a weight bench or platform holding dumbbells at should height with elbows bent, step up onto a bench with your right foot, bringing your left knee up and into the air without touching the foot on the bench and pressing the dumbbells up overhead.  Step back down and perform on the other side, stepping up with your left foot.  Repeat, alternating legs.
  • bench push up-leg lift: stand in front of a bench and place your hands on it, shoulder-width apart, bringing your legs behind you and into a push up position. Bring your chest all the way down to touch the bench, then push yourself back up and lift your right leg up a few inches while holding a plank position. Repeat, switching legs.
  • dumbbell squat-single-arm upright row: stand with one dumbbell in your right hand resting in front of your right leg. Squat down. bringing the dumbbell between your legs, then when standing up raise the dumbbell with a straight arm up overhead. Repeat the squat bringing the dumbbell back down between your legs, etc.
  • static lunge holds-biceps curls: stand in front of a weight bench, facing the opposite direction and holding dumbbells at your side. Place one leg on the bench, laces down, and make sure your other leg is far enough away from the bench that when you get into a lunge, your knee is not in front of your toes. Stay in the lunge and curl the dumbbells up to your chest- repeat. Switch legs every round.
  • triceps overhead extensions: standing straight, feet hip-distance apart, hold a dumbbell in both hands. Bend your elbows and bring the dumbbell behind your head and arms close to your ears. Lower the weight down towards your back, then bring it straight back up overhead straightening your arms. Repeat.
  • side shuffles with medicine ball chops: holding a medicine ball or dumbbell in your hands (horizontally,) shuffle 4 times to the right, then chop the dumbbell from your right side straight across your body and up overhead on your left side. Repeat in the opposite direction. 

SATURDAY: #sweatysaturday

longer cardio workout:

  • Start your run at a comfortable pace
  • Run a 1/2-mile at this pace
  • Increase your speed every 1/2 mile by 0.2-0.5 MPH

Repeat for 8-10 intervals

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