APL BBB Workout Schedule Week #7

This week’s core routine!

rockin’ abs core routine: 

repeat the following 3-4 times-

  • 20 arms to feet: start by laying on the ground with your legs on the floor straight out in front of you and your arms straight behind you.  Bring your feet and hands straight up into the air reaching for each other and then slowly lay back down.
  • 20 medicine ball pulses: laying on the ground with your knees bent on the floor, holding a medicine ball in your hands, lift your shoulder blades up off of the ground and pulse the ball in between your knees.
  • 20 hip raises: laying on your back with your feet straight up in the air, hands at your sides palms down, use your core to lift your hips up off of the ground then slowly lower back down.  Repeat.

brand NEW APL interval workout for BBB:

upper body workout:

  • windmill overhead pressesstand with your feet slightly more than hip distance apart, holding a dumbbell in your right hand. Bend down and reach the dumbbell towards your left foot, standing up, bring the dumbbell across your body and up overhead of your right shoulder. Repeat, then switch sides.
  • alternating, double, and biceps curl holds: perform alternating biceps curls, then double (hands together,) then holding your arms at 90-degrees, elbows tucked into your sides, hold them.
  • dumbbell triceps overhead extensions: holding two dumbbells, sit down on a weight bench. Raise them up overhead (vertically,) then lower them down towards your back, bending your elbows, then raise them straight back up. Repeat.
  • push up-arm raises: perform a push up, then raise your right arm, straight out in front of you, then your left, and repeat.
  • dumbbell row-front raises: standing with your body next to a weight bench, place your left knee on the bench, left arm on the bench, and your right leg stays on the floor. Holding a dumbbell in your right hand, your arm straight, ow the dumbbell up so your elbow comes past your back, then raise it out in front of you until your arm is straight. Bring it back down to your side, repeat.



longer cardio workout

take a 40-minute run, but make it a focused run where you try to increase your pace, steadily, throughout.




interval workout time:

jump & row challenge-

  • jump rope 2 minutes
  • row 500 meters
  • rest 30 seconds

repeat 5-6 times

  • wood choppers: standing straight up in neutral position, jump out into a wide squat and then jump up and back into a standing position. If holding a medicine ball, bring the ball between your legs during the squat and then up straight overhead when standing back up.
  • resistance band kicks: place a resistance band around your ankles, standing hip-distance apart to keep the tension in the band, kick your right leg out to the side and then back behind you squeezing your glut. Come back to touch the ground after 15 rounds. Do the same with your left foot.
  • broad jump-3 squat pulses: with wide legs (about 3 feet apart) jump up as far as you can in front of you. When you come back down into a deep squat, stand up halfway and perform 3 squat pulses. Stand up all the way and jump as far as you can the other direction and repeat.
  • plie holds: start with feet roughly 4-feet apart, feet very pigeon-toed, squat down low keeping your chest up, stay there and hold.
  • split squat jumps: start in a deep lunge position-both knees bent at 90-degree angle- jump up into the air, switching feet and returning into a lunge.
  • glut holds: lay on your right forearm, elbow underneath your shoulder, knees bent and stacked. Raise hips off of the floor, placing the weight on your forearm. Extend left leg out so your toes hover roughly 1 foot above the ground- hold for 30 seconds-1 minute, squeezing your gluts. Repeat on each side.



longer cardio workout:

challenge yourself with an hour-long circuit!

  • 10-20 minutes on the treadmill
  • 10-20 minutes on the elliptical
  • 10-20 minutes on the stairs



interval time again:

make your intervals on the treadmill count! Work at a longer sprint pace and a shorter recovery pace than you have done throughout the series.

No shorter than a 1-minute sprint and no longer than a 2-minute recovery.

  • single leg deadlift with single arm T’s:stand on 1 leg with a dumbbell in your opposite arm. Bend at the waist and bring your other leg back behind you until straight. Meanwhile, chest should be parallel to the floor, bring the arm up straight in front of you. Return to start and repeat.
  • squat cross jab with dumbbells:stand with your feet 3 feet apart ( in a wide squat) holding dumbbells with bent elbows at your chest. Squat low and as you stand up, throw a punch with your right hand straight forward, pivoting on your right foot so you are jabbing out to the side. Bring arm back in, squat down, and do the same with your left arm.





longer cardio workout:

run-walk for an hour!

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