APL BBB Workout Schedule Week #4

This week’s core routine!

rockin’ abs core routine:

time for the third round of hard to the core abs from APL!

apl hard to the core- ab routine #4

the three core moves in the video-

  • plank
  • plank side knee crunches
  • plank-ups

MONDAY: #motivationmonday 

APL BBB brand new interval workout: 

  • eap frog jumps: with wide legs (about 3 feet apart) Jump up, reaching your hands in the air, then when you come back down into a deep squat, touch your fingertips to the ground between your legs.  These can be done in place or on the move across a room!
  • speed skaters: stand with feet hip-distance apart, drop down into a slight squat, bringing your right foot out and back towards the right.  Jump as far as you can to the right- landing on the right foot your left foot out and back behind your left. Repeat switching legs.
  • plank jacks: get yourself into a plank position on the palms of your hand, straight back, and fingertips underneath the shoulders.  Perform jumping jacks with your legs my scissoring out and back in- limit your hip movement and refrain from piking that butt up in the air!
  • push up-arm raises: perform a push up, then raise your right arm, straight out in front of you, then your left, and repeat.
  • squat jumps: get into a low squat and launch yourself up off of your feet into the air as high as you can, landing softly on the balls of your feet and getting into a squat again.
  • mountain climbers: get into plank position on the floor, palms down. Alternating legs, pull your knees towards your chest as quickly as possible.
  • high knees: run in place, pulling your knees up high towards your chest using your core and arms.

upper body workout:

  • full range of motion push ups: perform regular push ups, but drop all the way down until your chest touches the ground- lift up your hands briefly- push yourself back up. Repeat.
  • single-arm dumbbell upright rows: holding one dumbbell in your right hand in front of your right leg, squat down and as you stand up, raise your right elbow upward and out so the dumbbell comes up towards your chin. Drop the weight back down as you get back into a squat and repeat. Perform on both sides.
  • seated dumbbell biceps curls: sitting at the front of a bench (without any back support,) and holding a dumbbell in either hand.  Curl them all the way up to your chest, then lower them back down at the same speed, making sure to bring them all the way down.
  • dumbbell Y raises: stand with feet hip-distance apart and dumbbells in your hands in front of your legs, raise the dumbbells up with straight arms into a Y above your head and slowly bring back down. Repeat.
  • dumbbell triceps kickbacks: with your left arm, palm down on a bench, along with your left knee, hold a dumbbell in your right hand. Tucking your elbow into your side, kick your forearm back straight to get in line with your spine, bring it back down.  Repeat and then do the other side.

TUESDAY: #tightenuptuesday

longer cardio workout:

  • Walk 2 minutes at 3.5-4.0MPH
  • Run 1 minute 1.0-3.0MPH faster

Repeat 20 times

WEDNESDAY: #workitwednesday

interval time again!

Pick a comfortable pace between 5.0 & 7.0MPH

Repeat the following 4-5 times:

  • 2 minute run at 0% incline
  • 90 second run at 3%
  • 2 minute run at 0%
  • 90 second run at 4%
  • 2 minute run at 0%
  • 90 second run at 5%

 lower body workout:

  • curtsey lunges: start by standing with feet hip-distance apart holding dumbbells at your sides, step back into a curtsey (foot behind you and across the back of your front leg), lunge, then while stepping back to center, resist setting your foot down.  Repeat.
  • drop squats: start with your body standing straight, feet together, holding any equipment at your chest.  Jump out and down into a squat and then back to standing position.  Repeat.
  • 3-way squats: perform regular squats with legs hip-distance apart; then perform squat pulses while in a deep squat (coming up 2-3 inches, then back down,) and then perform squat jumps.  Repeat the sequence.
  • twisted crab: in a tabletop position (tummy pointing to the ceiling,) Twist to one side using your abs, raising your arm in the air, then drop your toosh towards the ground, come back up and switch sides of your twist. Squeeze those glut muscles!
  • pistol squats: stand next to a chair, feet hip-distance apart. Step your right foot in front of you and point your toes, sit back into a squat and raise your right leg in front of you. Keep your knee in line with your ankle. Stand up and repeat. Then switch sides.

THURSDAY: #throwdownthursday

longer cardio workout:

Elliptical time!

  • 10 minutes at a resistance of 5
  • 10 minutes at a resistance of 6
  • 10 minutes at a resistance of7
  • 10 minutes at a resistance of 8
  • 10 minutes at a resistance of 9
  • 10 minutes at a resistance of 10

*Be sure to add in a 5-minute cool down at a low resistance

FRIDAY: #fitnessfriday 

interval workout here you come! 

5000-meter row…you CAN do this!

  • 500-meter moderate row *between 2:45-3min/500m
  • 500-meter rowing sprint *between 2:05-2:30min/500m

Repeat 5 times

full body workout:

  • elevated lunges with lateral raises: stand with one foot, laces down, on a weight bench and dumbbells in your hands at your side, lunge down and raise your dumbbells straight out to the side. When you stand up, bring the dumbbells back down. Repeat per side.
  • 3 chest presses-3 biceps curls: laying on an exercise ball on your back or a weight bench, perform 3 chest presses (have the dumbbells at your side, elbows bent, and bring them up and straight over your chest and together,) then sit up like you are doing a core exercise, and perform 3 biceps curls.
  • wide squat-triceps overhead extensions: keep a dumbbell in both hands and behind your head (elbows squeezing your ears,) feet 3-feet apart, squat low and when standing up, squeeze your triceps bringing the dumbbell straight up overhead.
  • wall sit with overhead dumbbell punches: sit against a wall at a 90-degree angle, bring dumbbells up to chest height with elbows bent, raise them straight up over head and repeat.
  • resistance band upright rows: place a resistance band beneath your feet and handles in your hands with an overhand grip and using your elbows, pull the band from your waist height up to your armpits. Slowly return back down and repeat.

SATURDAY: #sweatysaturday

longer cardio workout:

Pick a challenging pace & run for 90 seconds per incline below, repeating it 3-4 times:

Warm Up-walk 2 minutes 0% incline

  • 5% incline
  • 1% incline
  • 6% incline
  • 2% incline
  • 7% incline
  • 3% incline
  • 8% incline

Cool Down- walk 2 minutes at 0% incline

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