Set Your Table Skinny

This week we were honored to share our Set Your Table Skinny tips on Fox News: Good Day Chicago! Here is the clip along with some things I didn’t get to- here’s to setting a gorgeous, but smart table.

  • Use 10” or smaller white plates to make the food stand out..research says that a plate that is 70% full is more appealing, but you can trick yourself by filling up a smaller plate. Make sure you keep food divided on your plate and try not to cut anything until you sit down to the table. That way you will eat slower.
  • Bowls should only hold 1-cup of food. Most standard bowls hold 2-3 these days.
  • Use tinier silverware or chopsticks to eat slower and have less food with each bite
  • Keep decor simple to make colorful food stand out – the FOOD should be the FOCUS
  • Have a raw course before the main meal to fill you up with water and fiber. Raw is generally healthier anyways, just don’t serve it up with high fat dressings
  • Wear tight clothes…seriously.  You will be less inclined to pile it in if you are already a bit tight. No sweatpants or elastic at the dinner table!
  • Don’t eat while cooking, duh, but all-natural carbonated on water before the meal
  • Use tall & skinny glasses for alcohol so it appears full, but serves less, and forget the water glass so you do not drink and dilute digestion. Wait to drink any liquids until towards the end of your meal so you do not have uninhibited eating issues thanks to overconsumption of alcohol:)
  • Do not keep food, especially easy-to-grab snacks, on the counter in plain site. Stow them all away in the cupboards.
  • Do not bring extra servings to the table to serve yourself. If you know you have to get up and go into the kitchen, hopefully that will discourage second helpings.
NutritionAshley Pettit