APL BBB: Menu Week #8

It is UP TO YOU this week! We are going to provide you with the basics and you will make your own menus and grocery list for the week. The challenge is to share your full week of choices and pics of your meal-prep!#APLBBB15

Tips & Tricks for Menu-Planning:

1. You are now able to adopt our “Paleo in the P.M.” approach…so meat is reserved for nighttime. Look through our lean entrees to prep 2-3 meals with meat for the week. We only eat meat when we eat out, mostly on the weekends, but a good strategy is to pick 1-2 recipes per week and making them Tuesday, having those leftovers Thursday, and then eating out 1 meat meal on the weekend.

2. Count out your raw.  We plan for 3 larger raw salads or 1-cup servings of plain raw veggies for the week, having those (kimchi, cabbage slaw, sliced cucumber, sliced bell pepper, etc.) pre-main meal. Keeping it simple, make 1 raw recipe per week (average of 4 servings per recipe) and then a cucumber or 3 celery stalks, and bell pepper per day when you aren’t having that salad.

3. Rotate your grains and greens. Make 1 juice recipe per week, but the next week, pick another green as the base so you are varying nutrients. Same goes for grains. If you made quinoa this week, try millet the next. Since we like to mass-make grains on Sundays, switching up throughout the week is more work, but waiting until next week to change-it-up is perfectly easy.

4. When in doubt, have a list of go-to favorites. This makes things easier- start a document with your top 10 favorite recipes and use that when you want to go with what you know you like.

5. You need 14 main meals every week. APL generally plans out 3-4 vegan recipes for lunches & dinners, making leftovers for each…anywhere from 2-4 servings of each. Sundays are also great for just clearing out anything leftover before you hit up the store again.

6. Keep the grain with breakfast simple…have your juice, then just stick with 1-2 options for the additional eat like a slice of gluten-free toast with avocado, lemon juice, & red pepper flakes on it or make a big batch of raw overnight oats and have that for 3-4 mornings.

GOOD LUCK GUYS! Cannot wait to see your menu choices!