Marinated Mushroom Collard Green Burrito

It’s burrito time! I have been messing around with some outside of the box ways to replace meat without processed soy products and the standard nuts + seeds or legumes + lentils. I simply marinated some Shiitake mushrooms overnight with some Bragg’s and then chopped them up today like I was making a meat-based burrito. SO easy, tasty, and filling with a crap-load of health benefits! Shiitakes, one of our APL Kitchen faves, are loaded with health benefits.

Studies have shown that Shiitake mushrooms are rich in copper, which we can only get from our diet. One cup of Shiitakes have just 81 calories, but 65% of your daily copper needs. Did you know that copper deficiency is believed to lead to the number one major killer in the U.S.? Yep, heart disease…

I chose mushrooms like these as a meat replacement, because they also contain high levels of selenium, which is commonly found in tuna, beef, chicken, turkey, salmon, and shrimp. No need for that when you can have some fungi! Selenium is key to our health because it plays a major role in the detoxification process, specifically by aiding the enzyme group: glutathione peroxidases (GPO,) which fight off oxidative stress that can lead to things like cancer, et al. Well, sign me up for that! One cup of shiitakes gives you more than half of your daily need of selenium.

Don’t forget their wonderful B vitamin content, which provides the body with the energy it needs by breaking down fats, carbs, and proteins. I can blab on, but you also receive high levels of manganese, niacin, riboflavin, and zinc.

Even if you ignored EVERYTHING I said above, just the simplicity of the prep and the deliciousness of the meal should entice you enough! Try it and tell us how you like it!

For the Shrooms:

4 oz. organic Shiitake mushrooms, cleaned, stems removed, placed in a bowl

1 TB Bragg’s liquid aminos

simply mix the Bragg’s with the mushrooms and let them sit in the refrigerator overnight to marinate. Forgot or didn’t have the time to do this? No worries, at least let them sit in the liquid for an hour. Toss some raw black sesame seeds on top if desired.

For the Wrap:

1 collard green leaf

1 cup chopped veggies-of-choice, we used: jicama, radish, red cabbage, avocado, red + orange bell pepper

chop up the veggies, lay them on the collard green, toss 1/2 of the mushrooms on top, and wrap it up like a burrito: fold one side over, then the bottom up, then the other side over that + voila!

For the Sauce:

1 TB tahini, preferable raw

1/2 TB Bragg’s liquid aminos

1 tsp brown rice vinegar

1 tsp coconut nectar

red pepper flakes, to taste

1 TB scallions, sliced

1-2 tsp raw sesame seeds

mix this all together in a bowl, use as a dipping sauce.

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