I’m A Fan of Fat!

I hail from the generation that was apparently afraid of fat. Ah, the 90s…when you wore baby-T’s (now back and reinvented into the crop top) because you were so skinny from eating fat-free cookies and reduced-fat ice cream…(wink.) I mean, every single product took pride in the fact that they were now “fat-free.” (Also, nutrient- and oftentimes, taste-free as well.) But, we thought we were eating the right thing because people kept telling us fat was evil and you should run, very fast, far away from it. So, being a teenager who believed everything I heard back then, I did! I legit feared fat.

Now that I know what I was really eating that replaced fat in my foods and how incredibly good for you some pure fats can be- damn do I feel cheated! You mean to tell me, fat-free ice cream isn’t good for you? Just kidding…Deep down I knew it was all too good to be true, but I thank that decade of fat deprivation for my new love affair with fat-tastic foods!

I eat fat and I can still look good in a crop top. Yea, it definitely isn’t the Devil after all. Fat, in it’s pure and healthier forms, is essential for life. Avocado, olives, healthy oils, eggs, flax seeds, fat-filled fishies, coconut, nuts & seeds, my one true love- raw tahini…ALL FAT and all have nutrition benefits. Not one of them is “bad for you.” In moderation, always, fat is needed to aid your absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (A,D, E, +K) which are essential for life, to give you energy, to continue your body running smoothly, maintain healthy skin, and so much more.

I am a fan of fat. Good fat improves your health vs the saturated (bad) fats (and don’t even get me started in the world of trans fats-ick,) in their highly processed forms that our country loves to indulge upon…hence the high death rate from heart disease up in here.  You may see fatty items in my kitchen, but the de-fatted foods of the 90s like cookies, processed cheese, ice cream, sausage, et al are no where to be found because, if I ever wanted to get into these food groups, I would only have a homemade, all-natural, full-fat form of them…reserved for special occasions of course.

Serving sizes are kept small…think 1 TB for liquid fats + nuts + seeds, 1/8 cup for olives + avocado, and when it comes to proteins with healthy fat like salmon + eggs, keep it to small portions like 3 oz or 2 eggs at a sitting.

Simple lesson: healthy fats = good for you, in moderation