Fox Good Day Chicago 7/20: Kitchen Hacks

For me, with my clients, it is all about saving time, money, + space when in the kitchen. You could call me a Boy Scout, because I am a BIG fan of their motto, “alway be prepared.” That is what you have to do to stay healthy and efficient in the kitchen, so we brought our favorite tips + tricks to the set of @GoodDayChicago on #fox32news this A.M. to show you just how we keep things in the APL Kitchen on track.


1. Cookbooks are hardly ever used anymore, but e-books, the internet, + the APL Healthy Living Concierge menus are what you are deferring too. I use the Prepara IPREP Tablet Stand + Stylus to hold my iPad (both in horizontally and vertically) and use their stylus that comes with it to change the page so my dirty hands don’t affect the screen!

2. I am all about pre-chopping to save time during my workweek, so these little collapsible containers (Prepara Chop + Saver) are perfect because not only can you chop on top of the lid, but they keep your food fresh + don’t take up to much space. It is also a great kitchen hack when you need only half of a lemon and don’t want to waste a baggie on storing the other half!

3. I use fresh everything, but I get so frustrated when my herbs go bad in 3-4 days. Alas, thank goodness I found thePrepara Herb Saver! It fits in my refrigerator door and holds my herbs for up to 3 weeks without wilting or browning!

4. Infusion is huge right now and APL loves nothing more than tasty natural waters and infused oils for quickie salad toppers. Zing Anything is a fantastic resource for citrus or cucumber-infused water you can store in the actual water bottle and grab it and go whenever you need hydration as well as their salad inger, which I use on a weekly basis to make light, oil-based dressings with fresh herbs and citrus infusions.

5. A slow-cooker is a MUST-HAVE in every kitchen. You can put foods in there to cook while you sleep and voila, wake up to a few days worth of food in the morning! But, this Cook’s 5-quart programmable slow cooker is meant to travel; making it very unique. Have you had a clunky, 30-LB slow-cooker that you cannot imagine moving off of your counter, much less take it to work? You can easily find this product at JC Penny online.

It holds the prestigious Good Housekeeping Research Institute Seal and has these unique benefits:

  • Programmable setting with 30 minute to 20 hour digital countdown timer
  • Lid locks in place so you can transport the slow cooker easily
  • 5-quart capacity can cook up to a 5-pound roast for the entire week

6. Storage is key to keeping things fresh, but labeling them is even more important! We brought in mason jars, a bento box, and glass tupperware containers so you could see how simple it is to keep things fresh in the fridge, label + have prepared dressings and sauces for the week, as well as have on-the-go portioned (our Pyrex containers here are 1-cup servings, which are great for raw veggie snacks, soups, and toppings for salads) out meals that can be divided up easily with the storage within the bento box. The individual, smaller containers within the bento box can store sauces, dressings, and toppings so nothing gets soggy and it all fits together simply without needing to haul 4 different containers with you in a lunch bag. We always have plenty of storage on-hand like this to keep things easy!

7. Cookware needs to be high-quality so cooking is fast and clean-up is easy. I love using cast-iron skillets because they cook so evenly and take very little upkeep when it comes to post-cooking clean-up. Try all different sizes- we love Lodge for natural skillets + cookware!

8. Good knives are actually going to make your job faster, trust us. We love using color-coded ceramic knives because their blades stay sharper for longer periods of time, making prep much simpler + easier. We love knowing that our veggie knife is green, our meat knife is purple, etc. Who doesn’t love such obvious organization and bright colors?!?


We are giving away a slow-cooker, 2 Zing Anything bottles, as well as all of the Prepara products to 5 lucky APL fans!

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Stay tuned to the blog for weekly nutrition tips + education and tune in to APL TV so you can see our quick, simple, but tasty recipes and even more kitchen hacks!

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