WCIU You & Me This Morning: Fad-Free Forever

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Everything out there seems to be a quick fix by forcing so much restriction or depravation on you…or it’s merely a temporary solution that comes back to bite you in the butt in the form of gaining the weight back you’ve just lost…UGH!

APL eradicates fad dieting by creating a lifestyle plan that begins with a 6-week purification program to get your body back in a healthy balance before transitioning you to an easy-to-commit-to nutrition + fitness program…FOR LIFE!


  • Be honest + realistic with what you want from it: start with setting (and documenting) realistic goals on several levels: immediate, short-term, long-term, and life-long. When you set lofty goals, reaching them may be too arduous a task. However, making mile-markers along the way in the form of immediate and short-term goals will help you get there more easily. Think of it as training for a marathon; you build up your mileage gradually, you don’t just go out and run one once you commit to it!
  • Know where you’re starting: taking measurements is key to chart where you started and how you’ve improved. The scale is one way to track progress, but weighing weekly instead of daily is ideal due to fluctuations. I am obsessed with my Withings Smart Body Analyzer because it is supremely accurate when it comes to weight and body fat readings. For just $149.95, it’s your new best friend. Measurements are important because you are toning up- every 6-8 weeks, take them, but you’ll also feel it in your waistline + the way your clothes fit.


  • Sure we tell you to ditch some inflammatory foods during this 6-week initial purification portion of our lifelong plan…which includes processed sugar. However, this doesn’t mean taking out flavor or tastiness at all! See our favorite “sweetness” in the pic above that healthfully replaces your processed sugar? It’s derived fromMade In Nature, a non-GMO, no-sugar added, organic dried fruit brand (figs, raisins, cranberries, apricots, and so much more) that completes so many APL meals + is a healthy super snack!
  • It’s tasty, simple, + nutrient-dense…Those are the APL main goals so you get energy, fuel, + a happy tummy! We brought in 3 meal examples from the plan for your breakfast, lunch, + dinner:
  • Meal prep tips we give clients is to focus on meal prep 1-2 times per week so you can do your chopping + shopping on those days and package prepped meals up for the week. Grocery delivery is something that’s saved the APL kitchen a great deal of time.
  • Not to mention, we provide you with tips for when you are dining out so you don’t miss out on being social or deprive yourself of being cooked a great meal outside of your kitchen!


  • There are 3 modes of exercise you have to focus on: building lean muscle mass through strength training, kicking up intervals with cardio for fat-burning, and MOVING MORE!  It can be done on any budget – I brought in small equipment today that you can have at home to accomplish it all for under $100. Head to Amazon.com and purchase some small dumbbells, a medicine ball, a workout mat, et al within your budget.
  • Moving more means tracking your steps throughout the day- a fitness tracker like this Withings Active Pop Watch I love, will monitor your movement all day long and even your sleep! (Also, a very important goal for allowing your body to reset + recharge.) A goal of 10k steps per day or more is ideal for anyone looking to live healthier. It does not need to charge thanks to it’s 8-month long battery, it can be warn even when swimming, and it will report your calorie-burn along the way. It’s a done deal + a steal for only $149.95.

WCIU viewers can now buy Ashley’s “Fad-Free Forever” plan to create a lifestyle out of a resolution for just $119 –that’s $30 off to change your life long-term! Coupon code at checkout is “JAN30”