Fox Facebook Live: Fall’s Seasonal Superfoods

Today I had the pleasure of welcoming my fave @nataliebomke into my kitchen to discuss the seasonal items you should snag from the store to stay healthy + nutritious throughout the season. Not only are these foods budget-friendly due to being in-season, but they are packed with nutrients as you can see below!

If you want to see the video, check it out here

OLIVES: Convenience is key for a lot of people due to our busy lives, so these pre-portioned Pearls olives are a favorite of mine (as you see since I’m eating them throughout the segment!) thanks to them having only 15-35 calorie per serving, but packing a healthy punch with good fat + vitamin E that makes your skin look gorgeous.

PUMPKIN: nothing says Fall like pumpkin to me! I love the Farmer’s Market organic pumpkin pureebecause it has absolutely no additives, is grown + processed in the U.S. (yay domestic,) is non-GMO, + packaged in a BPA-free can. I put pumpkin, which is filled with fiber, potassium, + immune-boosting vitamin C, in everything! My pancakes, oatmeal, in salad dressing + pasta sauce…you name it, it works! Tune in to my instagram for fun pumpkin recipes all-month-long.

APPLES: well hello easy + uncomplicated snack in the form of a tasty, fiber-filled fruit. Pack an organic apple in your bag, office, car + you’re good-to-go when you get hungry this season! The old adage: “…an apple a day keeps the doctor away” is certainly legit.

DATES: who would say no to a sugary treat like these with added health benefits? Um, NO ONE! Dates, sans pits, are perfect to chop up + put into your trail mix, oatmeal, salads, + more. I puree them to use them as a sugar replacement as well. Did you know they are filled with health-promoting vitamins + minerals? Dates have essential minerals like: calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, magnesium + zinc in each serving as well as vitamins A (A = bone health + boosted immune system,) + K (K = strong bones.)

SQUASH: with tons of varieties out there, squash is an amazingly filling + fantastic fall recipe add-on. With fiber, flavor, + immune-boosting vitamin C, we can beat the flu season with some yummy goodness! I make squash “chips,” roast it, stuff it, + so much more. Check out our blog for recipes this fall using squash!

BRUSSELS SPROUTS: my. favorite. food. Roasting Brussels sprouts with some olive oil, sea salt, + dijon mustard is a staple for mealtime here. with vitamins C + K, you are getting even more flu-fighting power + healthy bones while filling up with fiber.

Head to the store + load up on your seasonal produce!


Ashley Pettit