Banish the Break Room + Bring Your Own Snacks!

Miss our segment on how to avoid the unhealthy snacks surrounding you at the office? Check out the video here + read for details below!

When we’re stressed and/or tired, our brains tell us we’re hungry…that mid-afternoon crash is legit. Sound familiar? All too quick to grab a fatty or sugary snack to ease your pain? First things first, eat 3 main balanced meals that keep you fuller longer, second; count to 10 and ask yourself why you want those potato chips or candy bar…answer? You don’t want either, just the “happy” chemicals they send off into your brain + very brief relief it brings your belly. Change-it-up by bringing your own snacks like the APLiving faves!

  • gimMe seaweed snacks keep in your desk, taste amazing, + are nutrient-dense. GimMe Seaweed Snacks are the first organic seaweed snack + comes in 4 amazing flavors: sea salt, wasabi, teriyaki, + sesame…only 25 calories per serving + all that yumminess? They are another incredible replacement for potato chips + pretzels everyone should try. 

Saffron Road Organic Crunchy Chickpea Snacks – first- the flavors!!! They are made with organic chickpeas, non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free, + vegan – these nutrient-filled snacks have 6g of plant-based protein + are packed with flavor. My favorite are wasabi- a little spice boosts the metabolism! 

    • Peas please are my veggie jam. They are the only organic, baked pea snack on the market ½ cup veggie per serving; packed with protein and fiber to keep you full. Nutrient dense snack with no fillers, unlike other veggie snacks. 
  • Much Ado About Mango are definitely a super tasty alternative to sugary snacks. Unlike most dried fruit, there is no sugar added; tastes naturally tangy + sweet. Packed with vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy, especially this time of year with cold + flu season. 

Vending Machine Idea: if you have to make a choice…you score best with popcorn – it has fiber, is more filling than a potato chip, + always ranks lower in sodium and is a naturally low in sugar snack. Even the granolas, bars, et al are a bad move because the sugar content is high + can cause even more cravings for added carbs. As for drinks, opt for a La Croix or naturally sparkling water without sodium or sugar. They have more options in machines now, but sodas + juices are a sure-fire way to load up on calories and cause weight gain.

Bring to work for co-workers: it’s as simple as making a platter with crudite (raw veggies + make it colorful,) but pack it with super tasty, healthy dips in multiple flavors! APLiving loves hummus, guacamole with fun add-ins like apples, Harissa, tahini, + more. Pass the healthy living on!

Ashley Pettit