Halloween Treats from the APLiving Kitchen

Today I was on @fox32news Good Day Chicago chatting up @coreymcpherrin about how I prep healthier, but seriously fun and tasty treats for Reese on Halloween. Not only are they a good time to make, but they are Halloween-themed, kid-friendly, + can be made with allergies in mind. Here’s the clip if you missed out!

5-Layer Dip for chip time! First things first, you don’t have to use chips- I give reese jicama sticks + bell pepper to dig right in. I layered vegetarian + low fat refried black beans with shredded cabbage + lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, + Wholly Guacamole (available at Mariano’s, Target, + Jewel) + made the eyes and ears of Frankenstein with black Pearls Olives because I ALWAYS have these two toppings in my house. Not only did Reese take an individual pack of the black olives (perfectly portioned + only 35 calories per serving,) and devour them, but she dipped them in her own individual, 100-calorie pack of Wholly guacamole.  Both are natural products, allergen-friendly, non-GMO, + have no additives or preservatives (a BIG thing with APLiving.) Layer these items, fashion a face, + DIP AWAY! 

  1. Caramel Apple Nachos are my JAM. All I do is buy the light caramel dip, warm it up, + drizzle it atop of sliced green apple. The crisp, tart flavor of green apples pairs well with sweet caramel + if you’re feeling adventurous, top it with some chocolate chips like our fave allergen-friendly, yummy, sugar-free + made form 100% cacao Pascha dark chocolate chips. OBSESSED. With no- or low-sugar, you also skip your kid’s “high.”
  2. White chocolate covered strawberries with a “face.” Dressing up your food is fun, let’s face it. Hehe, literally. We used the Pascha chocolate chips for eyes, their white chocolate (melted) to coat the berries, + then black icing for the mouth. Instant hit + a one-bit-wonder.
  3. Witches are clearly big this year, so a jumbo vegan marshmallow topped with a Rolo, + stuck with a pretzel stick “broomstick” + you have an easy-to-assemble + eat snack! Well-portioned + a great combo of sweet + salty.
  4. These are my favorite….gluten-free rice Krispie treats rolled into a ball, topped with orange pumpkin-flavored icing, + a mini vegan marshmallow. No time to make a basic Krispie treat recipe? Buy them, roll them up, then add the toppings yourself!
Ashley Pettit