RefreshinQ Makes Wearable Nutrient Supplements



I can get in line with this statement because it is something I preach to my clients (and myself) on a daily basis.  Maintaining your health + wellness is a full-time job, but keeping a balance is even harder for people who work and work out harder. The RefreshinQ Co popped up on my radar + I went online to take their quiz. This isn’t a Buzzfeed “what’s your celebrity twin”-type quiz; it’s a look at your lifestyle + how it affects your wellness. My results, albeit to me because I am a wellness professional, were not surprising- but, I was beyond impressed about the way they gather their insight into what we need. My results were Vitamin D + an Energy Support Patch. Problems solved especially during this onset of winter weather in Chicago. 

The #NeverQuit Movement aside, let’s also celebrate the uniqueness + efficacy of their product! Once you put that patch on + remain consistent with your usage, within 14 days you start to recognize the positive effects.  From my experience with workouts + daily living (running after my 2-year-old baby runner,) with the Vitamin D Support Patch I have been sleeping better + have more energy. My favorite aspects of the product, along with feeling fantastic, include the fact that it is all-natural, time released, + you don’t have to swallow a pill! Woot!

Vitamin D deficiency comes on strong, but with the weather change and stress of the season, many people don’t recognize a deficiency or that it gets worse in these conditions. If you can fix that with something as simple as a healthy (and cool-looking) patch, why not? With supplementation + to see results, #NeverQuit. Stick to a regimen + commit to the product + you’ll see the amazing results that I did!

Want to take the quiz + receive a 30-day supply of your results from APLiving? Take the quiz, head to Instagram + post a picture of what you think fits under the guise of #NeverQuit using both that hashtag + #APLiving – we’ll pick a winner by December 19th so you can get balanced health alongside me!


This post was sponsored by The RefreshinQ Co.


Ashley Pettit