WGN Midday News: Valentine’s Day Calorie-Crushers

We headed into the WGN studios today to educate viewers on the seriously crushing calorie intake we’re subjected to with V-Day treats + just how much it takes us to work it off in the gym…but, we also provided you with some APL healthier alternatives so you don’t have to skip out on the love treats!

Valentine’s Day Calorie-Crushers


With 3+ courses. Forget the starter, the bread basket, the dessert, and focus on the fact that the average restaurant entrée is 1000+ calories. Let’s say you indulge in the entire menu with a cocktail, you’ve launched yourself into a 2000+ calorie craze

Restaurant entree example: Chicken parmesan  is a whopping 1510 calories!

TO BURN IT OFF: you would need to run close to 20 miles to work off this one meal.

EASIER APL SOLUTION: skip the prefix menu and make a meal together off of the APL menu of recipes online and you will not only have a romantic time moving around the kitchen together, but your meal will be guilt-free and you won’t even have to work it off with any extra exercise.


On average, 3 pieces of candy from an assorted candy box is a serving that equates to 243 calories. A box of candy can have 5 or more servings in it! That is a whopping 1250 calories if you’re inclined to eat it all up!

TO BURN IT OFF: To burn off one serving, an average-sized person would need to run 20+ minutes on a treadmill at a 10-minute mile pace. Don’t have access to a treadmill? You would have to do a high intensity interval workout for 30+ minutes.

EASIER APL SOLUTION: Make the APL mini “peanut butter” cups and have one as a sweet treat with your partner, then comfortably jog in place for 4 minutes and it’s gone!


Red velvet cupcakes…a full-on, cream-cheese frosted cupcake is roughly 314 calories of velvety goodness.  Most likely you are tacking those on to a full meal you just indulged in as well.

TO BURN IT OFF: hike at a 5%+ incline on a treadmill, at a speed no less than 3.5MPH for more than an hour.

EASIER APL SOLUTION: cut it in half by bringing mini red velvet cupcakes to the table for 150-calorie treat. Portion control is key and that is merely a light 20-minute jog or moving more and tacking an extra 2500 steps in your day. Sound tough? Wear a tracker and see just by making an effort to move for 5 minutes at a time, 5-6 times a day, it’s easy to get there.


2, 5 oz. glasses of champagne and 4 chocolate covered strawberries is equivalent to 334 calories

TO BURN IT OFF: Do you have time to add in a 4-mile run before you hit the sack?  Because that is what will burn that off!

EASIER APL SOLUTION: skip the chocolate on the strawberries and sip one glass of champagne and you would only need to run 1 ¼ mile or act like a kid and jump rope for 12 minutes.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


NutritionAshley Pettit