Fox News Chicago: Healthiest Convenience Foods

The biggest misconception out there is that all convenience foods are unhealthy and people are oftentimes shocked at what is even in the frozen and pre-made food sections in the grocery store.  APL works with clients by taking them to the grocery store and teaching them her own nutritious shopping tips + tricks- particularly focused on the pitfalls of processed foods.

For frozen, you can find all meals in the freezer aisle as long as you watch for the sodium content, make sure it’s a colorful and balanced meal, and watch the brand names and develop ones you trust, you are golden. When it comes to sweet treats though, we stick to the whole grain, healthier options in the snack food section.

APL brought in some of her personal favorites that she keeps in the house when she doesn’t have time to cook and needs a fast meal for her and her growing family.

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Breakfast is easy to find in the form of whole grain waffles, pancakes, + burritos. The key is to ensure a serving size has 4g + of fiber and remains below 5g of sugar. Some of our absolute favorites include Amy’s Teriyaki, bean, + tofu scramble burritos, Earth’s Best pancakes ( try buying mini sizes keep you in control of your potions,) and Van’s whole grain waffles.


Bread is actually healthy when it’s found in the freezer section because the more natural baked goods are not as processed and have a shorter shelf-life. We love sprouted grains and breads made from ancient grains like millet, flax, chia, and buckwheat. We love our Udi’s.


In love with the hormone- and nitrate/nitrite-free meats from Applegate like chicken nuggets + strips. So easy to add into a quick meal for 5-minute tacos or fajitas!


When a fruit or veg is out of season, you should buy the organic frozen version. When they aren’t in season, they come from a farther distance, generally out of the country, and therefore are a wee bit less natural. For example, frozen organic berries are best bought frozen during the winter. Many frozen brands hail from local farms too!


The one section of the frozen aisle I don’t love is the dessert section, so I tend to peruse the snack aisles for wholesome, natural sweets. My ultimate fave as of late is the soft, whole grain (gluten-free) granola clusters fromVan’s – the double chocolate is a no-brainer!  When I’m on-the-go, especially with my daughter in-tow, I snag agramwich snack bar that tastes like a s’more!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Van’s. All opinions are entirely my own.”

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