WCIU You & Me This Morning: Doin’ the Deli + Convenience Foods Right

As always, I love popping into WCIU to chit chat with the lovely Melissa + Jeanne. I’ve heard it over and over: “I don’t have time to cook.” The problem isn’t time, but it’s making the right “convenient” choices at the grocery store. Here is the video of the segment + some more notes below!

Must-Do’s with Deli Meat

  • Deli is oftentimes a synonym for “processed,” so having healthy brand recognition is key to living healthy. Avoiding high sodium, overly preserved meats is ideal, so APL chooses Applegate Naturals because it is nitrate- + nitrite-free meat without hormones or antibiotics and the plethora of choices is incredible! I ate this when pregnant and even give it to my daughter- that says something in my household. 

Prepared Food Selection Tips

  • Pitfalls are a plenty when it comes to pre-made foods, so steering clear of mayonnaise-based salads, buying things with tons of colorful vegetables in them, + opting for items with whole grains as a base are ideal choices. Try to stick to these rules: shop by color and be sure to have LOTS of it, read the ingredient list and make sure it’s short and without heavy fats like mayo…

Hit the Freezer Aisle for Fun

  • A vegetable-based protein-filled breakfast is a FANTASTIC way to start the day when you need healthy energy. Sweet Earth has a Protein Lover’s burrito that has 20g of protein and 5g of fiber with a nutrient-dense flaxseed wrap. This nutrition + ready in 3 minutes? Buy them today! 

Breakfast breads are easy to find in the form of whole grain waffles + pancakes. The key is to ensure a serving size has 4g + of fiber and remains below 5g of sugar. Some of our absolute favorites include These Nature’s Path gluten-free waffles in Buckwheat Wildberry + Pumpkin Spice. 

  • Bread is actually healthy when it’s found in the freezer section because the more natural baked goods are not as processed and have a shorter shelf-life. We love sprouted grains and breads made from ancient grains like millet, flax, chia, and buckwheat. We love our Udi’s.
  • When a fruit or veg is out of season, you should buy the organic frozen version. When they aren’t in season, they come from a farther distance, generally out of the country, and therefore are a wee bit less natural. For example, frozen organic berries are best bought frozen during the winter. Many frozen brands hail from local farms too! They are a quick steam + eat item!

Hope this helps you shop efficiently + healthfully for prepared foods!