Sauces + Condiments To Stock Your Kitchen With

Today’s Facebook Live segment with Fox 32 News + Natalie Bomke was definitely something I teach my clients from DAY ONE. It’s all about making smart choices, obvi, but we have PLENTY of condiments + sauces to spice up your life in a healthy way.

Check out the video here

What to look for at the start:

  • Lower sodium
  • Less than 4g of sugar per serving
  • Being able to pronounce all of the ingredients + have less than 10

My List of Favorites:

  • Hope Hummus is quite possibly one of my favorite brands out there for several reasons: it’s organic, gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, but even more so, it’s the fact that they use few ingredients (all of which can keep in your kitchen and pronounce,) in the least process way.
  • Sriracha Sauce – the spice of life + also a very versatile product to have on-hand. Watch the sodium and note that it has cane sugar in it as well. I put this on SO much to boost my metabolism!
  • Mayonnaise + Horseradish – Follow Your Heart is my jam because it’s vegan and they have soy-free products galore…soy has less digestibility for many people, so I steer clear. But, horseradish has some bite to it + is perfect to use as a mayo substitute. Mayonnaise is naturally going to be higher in calories + fat, so instead of using solely mayo, mix it with other things like ketchup, Sriracha, harissa, or salsa to lower your necessary serving size.
  • Ketchup – watch this folks…it has hidden sugar (high fructose corn syrup) and sodium – I always buy organic + read the label.
  • Spicy Marinara – anything spicy is key to adding flavor, but with Marinara it’s key to buy organic + watch the sodium (and if there is any sugar listed) in it. With flavors that have garlic, lots of herbs, and such, you are more likely to see less sodium.
  • Coconut Secret Sauces – I am in LOVE with their garlic and teriyaki sauces because they are gluten- + soy-free, but mostly, because they are yummy and guilt-free too!
  • Harissa – spicy or medium this uncomplicated sauce is a staple in my kitchen. I legit put it on EVERYTHING in sight. It’s found in the International aisle and you should find a brand with just 5-6 ingredients easily.
  • Salsa – this is big “duh” for me as it’s easy to buy and use on many food items. Just steer clear of carb-heavy ones with beans and corn galore + aim for chunky, veg-heavy kinds or pico de gallo that’s fresh.
  • Curry Paste – this is a no-brainer in my head because it is SO flavorful + a perfect addition to any sauce. Check out APL recipes to see how to use it!
  • Tahini – this is a healthy fat, but to be used in moderation. It’s best to buy it in it’s most raw form + unsalted if you can. I love this for mixing into sauces or topping my morning toast!
  • Bragg’s Liquid Aminos – the alternative to soy sauce-unfiltered, amazing, + perfect to keep in your house for a gluten-free product to top your stir fries with or stir into an APL sauce.