Super Food Trends to Boost Energy

Today on Facebook Live with Natalie Bomke, we discussed the newest, trendiest super foods that boost energy. Check out our details below for the scoop, but be sure to watch the video.

Things in the healthy living world are fast-paced + literally change daily.

  • Moringa Leaf by Kiva – this powder is a natural energy booster filled with potassium, calcium, iron, 20 amino acids, vitamins, + trace minerals. We love this brand because it is organic and is made with minimal processing, thus maintaining the nutrient density.
  • Bee pollen – can you believe these bees make something that’s 40% protein? Love it. It also is a whole food source that is filled with vitamin A, and energy- + metabolism-boosting B vitamins.
  • Lucuma powder – a sweet-tasting source of fiber, antioxidants that fight inflammation, potassium, calcium, magnesium, + phosphorous (which aids in digestion- less work spent on digestion = more energy!)
  • Amla powder – this powder is oftentimes used in hair and skin products, but we use it with food! because of its
  • Incan berries – these slightly sour berries are unique in flavor as well as nutritional profile. Thanks to their antioxidants, they act as an anti-inflammatory. On top of that, which we all need of course, tey have a plethora of vitamins A + C in them. Despite this being a dried fruit, they have a lower sugar profile than other fruits so they won’t throw your blood sugar off course.