Fox Facebook Live: Skinny-Up Your Summer Dishes

I get constant questions about rehabbing people’s favorite go-to recipes so they can prep healthier Summer dishes. I took a few American classics and made them with a tasty, nutritious twist. If you missed the segment- here it is!

Starting with what APL calls a “Sandwich Bar.”

The base of your healthier sandwich should always be Applegate deli meats thanks to their organic, hormone- + antibiotic-free deli meats ranging from ham and turkey to chicken and salami. Using that as your protein, then I suggest having alternatives to your basic bread like Sunfood coconut wraps, Nori seaweed, + Romaine or other greens as a lettuce-based wrap. This brings down the carbs + calories!

We then prepped some side dishes to salivate over without the guilt, including:

Superfood coleslaw with cabbage, carrots, radishes, hemp hearts, + goji berries topped with a yogurt-based honey mustard dressing or a no-oil carrot-ginger dressing. These dressings bring in unique pops of flavors without the fat.

Toss the basic mayo-heavy potato salad + opt for using less potatoes, but fortifying your dish with extra veggies + greens for added fiber that will fill you  up. I used grilled green beans, radishes, + mixed greens lettuce and mixed together the dish with vegan horseradish instead of mayo more flavor. 

Super food tuna salad the APL way is another dish we love to serve or pack up for picnics because it’s so easy to perp. Simply made with Dijon mustard, salt + pepper, a tad of veganaise mayo, + then tossed together with whatever chopped veggies you want, Incan berries, + served over nutrient-dense baby greens.

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