FOX Good Day Chicago: Creative Protein For Weight-Loss

There is a great deal of research behind the idea that we can stave off weight gain by having at least 24-30 grams of protein at the start of our day, but APL does not like this to be a heavy, not-so-easy to digest meal. Check out our 3 filling breakfasts and protein-filled snacks with creative protein! (If you missed the segment, here is the link.)

Quick Facts:

  • WHY THIS HELPS CONTROL WEIGHT: keeps you full throughout the day, studies have shown people who eat enough protein at breakfast eat around 400 calories less per day.
  • Then, fortify your day with protein-filled snacks keep you going and are great pre- or post-workout vs the standard protein drinks that can be loaded with sugar.


  • Papaya + avocado smoothie bowl with Vega Protein & Greens, a plant-based protein powder that provides you with 20g of protein per serving and a mere 110 calories. I’m also a big fan that they are a part of + verified by the Non-GMO project.
  • Oatmeal bowl with protein-packed sunflower butter (woot for allergen-friendly!) + fresh mashed berry “jelly” (mixed frozen berries melted in a pan with a drizzle of maple syrup = lower in sugar vs jelly) 
  • Sweet Earth plant-based + protein-filled, functional breakfast burritos. We buy the Get Focused (a 3-pack box and each serving is filled with a tasty 18g of protein + omega-3s, vitamins, + minerals that allow you to stay focused + have mental acuity all-day-long.) Don’t miss out on the Protein Lover’s burritos too- vegetarian, yummy burritos with 20g of protein sure to satisfy any palate.


  • Applegate Deli meat “wrap-ups” –  since their meat is literally “worry-free” thanks to its non-GMO ingredients, no chemicals, no nitrates or nitrites, + no hormones…I use it in EVERYTHING, including these snacks. Try: roast beef wrapped around horseradish + veggie sticks, roasted chicken with guacamole + pico de gallo center, herbed turkey breast wrapped around apple + any flavor of hummus you choose!
  • Hard-boiled egg with guacamole center – forget deviled eggs, these are amazing + easy.
  • Healthy jerky by Epic (we used Cranberry-Sriracha flavored- yum) to make “trail” mix with goji berries, whole grain cereal, + dark chocolate yummy goodness to-boot.

Stay fuller, longer while filling your belly with yumminess!