10 Ways to Burn an Extra 100 Calories Per Day

1. Make your floors spic and span and burn 100 calories by vacuuming your house for 25 minutes

2. Go for a brisk 15-minute walk outside with a pet or a friend

3. Get your groove on and dance moderately for 20 minutes

4. Take the kinks out of your clothes and burn 100 calories ironing for 25 minutes

5. Playing 12 minutes of beach volleyball will burn 100 calories; imagine how much you’ll burn for an entire game!

6. Swim leisurely for 15 minutes

7. A 40-minute joyride at 10mph on your bike will burn 100 calories

8. Make your car look shiny and burn 100 calories with a 20-mintue wax

9. Update the look of your home-20 minutes of painting burns 100 calories

10. Avoid the elevators and take the stairs-20 minutes of stair climbing burns 100 calories

FitnessAshley Pettit