Fitness Move of The Week: Plank

Benefits include:

·      Helps with core strength

·      Learn to stabilize muscles

·      Build muscle endurance

How to execute a forward plank properly (fig. 1):

·    Begin on your knees and walk your hands out on the floor, allowing your legs to stretch out straight behind you, toes on the ground.

·    Depending on the type of plank, extend your arms out parallel, balancing on your elbows, hands in a fist.

·    Pull your belly button in to your lower back

·    Create length in the spine

·    Be sure to keep your shoulder blades and collarbone broad

·    Relax the shoulders, keeping them away from the ears.

·    Maintain a straight head position, in line with your spine so it is not dropping down or tilted up

·    Remember to maintain breathing throughout the pose.


Figure 1: 




Additional forms of plank



Plank with arms on a stability ball: 



Side Plank:



Side Plank with Leg Lift: 



Plank with feet on a stability ball and lifting:  

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