Food Item of The Week: Swiss Chard

1 Cup of Swiss Chard has only 35 calories and all of the following nutritional benefits: 


109.9% of the daily value for vitamin A and plenty of beta-carotene; both of which are important vision nutrients (March is Vision Month!),

306.3% vitamin K for protection of bone health as vitamin K1 helps prevent excessive activation of osteoclasts; the cells that break down bone.

37.6% of the daily value for magnesium and 10.2% of the daily value for calcium.  Magnesium is a natural calcium channel blocker, preventing calcium from rushing into the nerve cell and activating the nerve; which keeps our nerves, blood vessels, and muscles relaxed. 

52.5% of the daily value for vitamin C, 27.4% of the daily value for potassium, 22.0% of the daily value for iron, and 14.7% of the daily value for fiber

On top of this incredible nutritional profile, swiss chard is a great source for: copper, vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and protein, phosphorus, vitamin B1, zinc, folate, biotin, niacin and pantothenic acid.

For a simple, but tasty recipe for Swiss Chard, check out Ashley’s Sunday Night Dinner blog


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